120w LED Street Light ECO7636LD

120w LED Street Light

Model No:ECO7636LD
Power:80 – 140 watt
Color Temperature:2700 ~ 7000K
Input Voltage:AC 85 – 265 V DC12/24 V
Dimension:761 * 350 * 192 mm
ECO7636LD 120w 120w LED Street Light
1. Introduction
  • ECO7636LD series 80w-140w LED street light is an eco-friendly line of new products from Suneco LED Lighting Co. Ltd.
  • Reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, heat and moisture resisting and with good sealability.
  • Quick start, high light efficiency, vivid lighting, no flicker, very safe to operate. There is no harmful effect to the eyes and skin.
  • Uses single powerful LED as the light source, which is manufactured using our proprietary LED integrated encapsulation. The light source can be continuously used for about 50000 hours. This translates to a product life span of at least 10 years based on normal use.
  • No pollution ,high stability which achieves the real meaning of energy-saving.
1.2 Usage of 120w LED Street Light

ECO7636LD series 120w LED street lights can be used in city streets, residential areas, factories, pavements, squares, parks, schools,parking lots,yards and any other places where lighting is needed.

1.3 The composition and meaning of the model number
  • Input voltage type (AC- alternating current,DC- direct current)
  • The number of light source (Show by figure)
  • Output power (Show by figure)
  • Abbreviation for street light
  • The dimension of housing (Show by figure)
  • ECO-Series LED Street Light – Company brand SUNECO LED
2. Structure

ECO7636LD series 120w LED street light consists of the following parts:
  1. 1. Light body
  2. 2. Stainless steel lock
  3. 3. LED Light source
  4. 4. Reflector
  5. 5. Waist-type Glass
  6. 6. Power supply
  7. 7. Press plate
3. Major Technical Specification of 80watt LED Street Light
1Input VoltageVAC85~265
3 FactorW80~140 
4Color TemperatureK2700~7000 
5Color Rendering Index(Ra)/>75
6LED Light sourceLight Efficiency Lm/w >90
7IP Rating(IP)/IP65
8Electrical insulation grade/CLASSI
9Max rated environment temperature-40℃~55℃
11Light weightkg10 
4. Use and Installation of 120w led street light
  1. Tighten the light pole screws and loosen 4screws that fixed the pole,Connecting the cable line as picture 4.2 shows(with connection mark). It can work normally with no error, and the detailed steps are as follows:
  2. Open the stainless lock, open the light body
  3. Embed the bracket pole into the lamps and tighten the installation screw, then connect the cables with the power supply in the correct position: AC input connection: N L
  4. L:Live N:Neutral : Ground
  5. DC connection marks: DC+ DC- K

    DC+: anode DC-: Cathode

    K:half power control electrode

    K+: half power control electrode is anode K-: half power control electrode is cathode

    After installing, please check to make sure that the product can work properly.

5. Transport and storage requirements
  1. The light is packed by carton. Do not expose to moisture and water. Always handle with care to avoid breaking fragile components.
  2. The light should be kept in the place that is cool, dry and clean.
6. Open Package and Check
  1. Check whether the carton of the light is good before open.
  2. There is one certification, one introduction and one sealing ring matches to each light. Check whether the part of light is in good condition.
  3. Check whether the connector and screw of street light are loose or not.
7. Caution
  1. Read the manual carefully before using the light in order to avoid accidents and consequential damages.
  2. Pay attention to 4.2 requirement when connect light, prohibit connect it reverse.
  3. The product is designed to be maintenance-free. Under normal circumstances, servicing is not needed. If the product needs servicing, please contact us.
  4. Please check the product carefully before using it. If anything abnormal happens when in use, please contact us.
  5. While using the light the surface temperature will rise a little bit. This is normal.
  6. Open the connection of reflector and glass is prohibited, it will damage the waterproof.
8. Warning
  1. Before installing people should make sure the light is complete.
  2. The protection cover of the light is tempered glass. Do not press or throw it hard to avoid cracking. If it was cracked, it must be replaced by another one.
  3. The light should be kept in the place that is cool, dry and clean. Do not expose to extreme elements, such as fire and water.
  4. The power should be turned off when connecting the wire. After connecting wires, check whether connection is all right or not; prohibit connect it reverse.
  5. When the light is working, non-professional worker is prohibited to open the light.
  6. Do not throw the used lights indiscriminately. Observe proper recycling procedures.
Suneco LED Street Light ECO7636LD Series include the following wattage:
  • 80w LED Street Lights
  • 90w LED Street Lights
  • 100w LED Street Lights
  • 1100w LED Street Lights
  • 120w LED Street Lights
  • 140w LED Street Lights
  • 160w LED Street Lights
  • These ECO7636LD Series LED street lights perform excellent in Roadway Lighting, parking lots, area lighting and residential areas.

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