200w LED Street Light ECO8538LD

200w LED Street Light

Model No:ECO8538LD
Power:60 – 200 watt
Color Temperature:5500K 4000K 3000K
Input Voltage:AC 90v – 260V
Dimension:850 * 380 * 110 mm
200w LED Street Light ECO6938LD Series
1. Introduction
1.1 Features of 200w LED Street Light
  • 200w LED Street Light ECO6938LD series LED street light is a new type of eco-friendly high power LED light from SUNECO LED Lighting, which can satisfy the requirement of IEC60598, GB7000.5 ‘Safe Requirement of Road and Lighting’ and other related standards.
  • Reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, heat and moisture resisting and with good seal-ability.
  • Quick start, high luminous efficiency, no radiation, no UV, very safe to operate. More importantly, due to the inherent attributes of LED lighting, there is no harmful effect to the eyes and skin.
  • Selects multiple LED SMD with imported high quality brand as light source, has high color index, no glare and no flicker.
  • Uses the built-in high efficiency constant current drive. The light can easy install and use.
  • Adopting self – designed high efficiency lens, so that the illumination range of the street lamp and the uniformity degree of the illumination completely meet the requirements of the standard of the “Urban Road Lighting Design Standard”.
  • The light body is made of high thermal conductivity aluminum body, and the surface is treated by anticathode oxidation, corrosion resistance; multiple LED SMD light source arranged effectively deal with the heat concentration so that the life is longer.
  • The 200w LED Street Light is very stable and produces very low carbon footprint during its lifecycle. The 200w LED Street Light has high stability and long life span.
  • No noise, so that it is a good choice for the occasion use of sophisticated electronic equipment.
1.2 Application of 200w LED Street Light

ECO6938LD series street lights can be used in city streets, residential areas, factories, pavements, squares, parks, schools, houses, yards and any other places where lighting is needed.

1.3 The composition and meaning of the model number
ECO X  X / X  X
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2. Structure

200w LED Street Light ECO6938LD series LED street light consists of the following parts:

  1. 1. Electric Box Cover
  2. 2. Waterproof Joint
  3. 3. Surge Protective Device
  4. 4. Antenna
  5. 5. Pull Aluminum Piercing Shell
  6. 6. Front Cover
  7. 7. Small Cover
  8. 8. Heat Sink
  9. 9. Light Source Module
  10. 10. Lens
  11. 11. Light Source Seal Pad
  12. 12. Driving Power
  13. 13. E-box
  14. 14. Pole Joint
  15. 15. E-box Lock
  16. 16. Twin Screw
3. Major Technical Specification
1Input VoltageVAC90-260V
4Color TemperatureK5500K 4000K 3000K
5Power Factor/>0.9
6Color Rendering Index/>70
7Luminous Efficiencylm/W>100
8Luminous FluxlmExecute according to the contract
9IP Rating/IP65
10Electrical Insulation Grade/CLASSⅠ
11Working Environment-40-55
13WeightkgAbout 10.6ECO8538LD
About 9.4ECO7738LD
About 8.3ECO6938LD
14Applicable Diameter of Light Polemmφ60
4. Use and Installation
  1. Open the box and remove the lamp inspection is intact;
  2. When you install the light, the first step is fixed the lamp on the street lamp pole through the lamp installation bracket. The cable wire connect as required (there is connection mark). Check and correct, then connect to power, street lamps can work. The specific installation steps are as follows:
    1. Open the E-box aluminum lock and the E-box cover.
    2. Put the input cable through the waterproof joint and fix the null wire, the earth wire, the live wire with the fixed terminal block on electric appliance plate according to the label.
      AC connection marks: N L
    3. Fasten the waterproof joint, and buckle the E-box cover. Fix the E-box buckle on the E-box. Attention, do not press the line.
  3. After installing, please check to make sure that the product can work properly.
5. Transport and Storage Requirements
  1. The light is packed by carton. The carton dimension is: SUNECO8538LD 895*165*450mm, SUNECO7738LD 815*165*450mm, SUNECO6938LD 735*165*450mm.
  2. Do not expose to moisture and water. Always handle with care to avoid breaking fragile components.
  3. The light should be kept in the place that is cool, dry and clean.
6. Open Package and Check
  1. Check whether the carton of the light is good before open.
  2. Check whether the part of light is in good condition.
7. Caution
  1. Read the manual carefully before using the light in order to avoid accidents and consequential damages.
  2. In any case, the light cannot be covered with heat insulation pad or similar material
  3. The product is designed to be maintenance-free. Under normal circumstances, servicing is not needed. If the product needs servicing, please contact us.
  4. Please check the product carefully before using it. If anything abnormal happens when in use, please contact us.
  5. While using the light the surface temperature will rise a little bit. This is normal.
8. Warning
  1. Before installing people should make sure the light is complete.
  2. Do not press or throw it hard to avoid cracking.
  3. The light should be kept in the place that is cool, dry and clean. Do not expose to extreme elements, such as fire and water.
  4. Turn off the power when in installation; If can confirm the installation is correct, turn on the power.
  5. Do not throw the used lights indiscriminately. Observe proper recycling procedures.
  6. Shall not be arbitrarily removed, and work under the specified voltage.
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