20w LED Street Light ECO500LD

20w LED Street Light

Model No:ECO500LD
Power:20 – 60 watt
Color Temperature:2700 ~ 7000K
Input Voltage:AC 100 – 240 V DC 12/24 V
Dimension:500 * 278 * 122 mm
ECO500LD 20w LED Street Light
1. Product Picture

2. Dimension

3. Material of 20w LED Street Light

High purity aluminum reflector, housing and heat sink; High strength tempered glass cover; High power LED light source; High efficiency imported LED driver.

1Light body
2Electrical box lid plate
3Electrical box floor
4U shape installation support
5LED light source
4. Application of 20w LED Street Light

Suneco 20w led street light is used in City streets, pavements, squares, schools, parks, yards, residential areas, factories and any other places where lighting is needed.

5. Features

Tighten the light pole screws and loosen 4screws that fixed the pole,Connecting the cable line as picture 4.2 shows(with connection mark). It can work normally with no error, and the detailed steps are as follows:

  1. Adopted the high power LED light source which is independent researched and integrated packaging, equipped with light distribution system high strength tempered woven glass, Thus making the lamp irradiation scope, intensity of illumination, evenness completely meet the requirement of “City Road Lighting Design Standard”.
  2. Pioneering radiator and lamp shell integration design, LED is closely connected with shell directly, through the shell cooling wing and air convection, it fully ensures the 20w LED street light’s life span to 50000 hours. According to the calculation for working 12 hours a day, the life also can over 10 years, the maintenance cost is extremely low.
  3. Light shell adopts the aluminum alloy die-casting molding which can be effective cooling, waterproof and dustproof. The light surface is treated with the ultraviolet radiation resistant and corrosion resistant, the IP rating can up to IP65.
  4. High lighting efficiency, vivid vision, no flicker. It has no harm to eyes and skin.
  5. Start without delay, it can be normal brightness once be powered without no waiting. Eliminate the traditional street lights long time start-up process.
  6. Environment friendly and no pollution. No mercury, lead or other harmful elements. High stability with no pollution to the air. They are the real environmental friendly products.
  7. Simple installation. The light has two installation ways, vertical installation and level installation.
6. Packaging
NamePiece/BoxFive layers box size(mm)Five layers packaging weight(Kg)Seven layers box size(mm)Seven layers packaging weight (Kg)
7. Major Technical Specification
1Input VoltageVAC100~240
2Power Factor/≥0.9For AC input lamps
5Color TemperatureK2700 – 7000 
6Rated Luminous Fluxlm1980~4050 
7Color Rendering Index/>70 
8    LED Working VoltageV30~35 
9IP Rating(IP)/IP65 
10Electrical Insulation Grade/CLASS I 
11Maximal Rated Environment Temperature50 
12Maximal Projection Area Subjected to Windm 20.06 
13The Torque on the Bolts or ScrewsN·m13 
15Light WeightKg4.0 
16 Light Pole Diametermmφ50 Or φ60 
8. Cable Specifications

H05RN-F 3×0.75 Cable

  1. The cable comprehensive technical parameters 1


StructureOuter Diameter(mm)Average/Min Thickness(mm)Outer Diameter(mm)Average/Min Thickness (mm)Outer Diameter(mm)
  1. The cable comprehensive technical parameters 2
Model SpecificationsH05RN-F 300/500V
Cable rated conductor sectional area(mm2)2×0.752×12×1.53×0.753×13×1.5
Conductor Construction42/0.1532/0.2030/0.25442/0.1532/0.2030/0.254
Insulation Thickness0.
Sheath Thickness0.
Average Outside Diameter5.
Outside Diameter6.
20 Degree Resistance min26.019.513.326.019.513.3
  1. 3) The cable comprehensive technical parameters 3. Reference standard:VDE0281
ItemTechnical RequirementsTesting Contents
1Cable Specification<VDE> H05RN-F 3G0.75mmJjingyi electronics
2Rated Voltage300/500V
3Conductor Resistance20℃ Conductor Resistance ≤26.0Ω/km
4Voltage Withstand StrengthApplied voltage in the water on the complete cable 2000V/15min. There should not be a breakdown or flashover phenomenon
6Insulated Wire Voltage Test1500V/1min. There should not be a breakdown or flashover phenomenon.
7Tensile strengthInsulation:5N/mm2,Sheath:7 N/mm2 Aging is within ±20% of before aging
8ElongationSheath 250%,Insulation 200%,(Min)
9Aging Condition70±2℃X240 hours
9. Light Distribution Curve
10. Marine pallet reference picture
Dimension for Marine pallet: 1100mmx1100mm
Quantity: 20ctns/pallet
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