LED Street Light:The Definitive Guide for Importers and Buyers

If you’re planning to import LED street lights for your highways or feeder roads, then this is the RIGHT guide for you.


Because I am going to discuss everything you need to know about LED street lights.

From basic introduction, benefits, performance parameters, design features, technology, FAQ to applications; you will learn everything about LED street lights here.

By the end of this guide, I am sure you will be an expert in LED street lights industry.

So, keep reading to learn more about these important accessories:

LED Street Light
Chapter 1:

Introduction to LED Street Light

Introduction to LED Street Light

At some point in your life, you must have seen an LED street light, even if you can’t tell whether or not it is one. Actually, they are all over the streets.

I am talking about these:

LED street lights

LED street lights

So what specifically is this type of light?

As the name suggests, the LED street light uses light emitting diodes (LED) as the source of its light.

Most of the LED lights are regarded as integrated owing to the fact that the fixture and the luminaire are joined together.

Some people also refer to it as an LED road light.

So primarily, this is an integrated system that utilizes light-emitting diode fixture.

But, before we continue, I want you to appreciate this fact:

A Quick Overview of LED Street Light Fixture Manufacturing

During manufacturing, you’ll realize that the LED light cluster comes on a sealed panel. This makes it possible to become an integrated lighting fixture after assembling it using a heat sink.

What’s more?

In the recent past, several designs have been devised, which include different types of LEDs into a light fixture.

LED Street Light

LED Street Light

The main idea behind this recent development in manufacturing and design is to ensure these products use high power 1 watt LEDs.

I will expound more on that later in this guide.

Nonetheless, some manufacturers tend to use relatively low power LEDs in most of their products.

These also include numerous low power LEDs assembled together. This makes it possible for them to carry out similar purpose like what a single high power LED would do.

Probably, you might have been unable to tell the difference in LED even if you have seen some due to the difference in shapes.

I will take you through that in chapter 6…just keep reading.

Of course, they come in different shapes, which is dependent on a wide range of factors including the configuration of the LED.

It also depends on the aesthetic preference as well as the heat sink used.

Later on, in the subsequent chapters, we’ll look into these elements in details. Don’t worry I will make it simple for you to understand.

We shall also look at some of the vital components of a LED street light and discuss them in detail for your better understanding.

However, for now, let’s look at whether or not the LED Street light can be vital in saving energy.

Efficiency in Saving Energy

Currently, anything that utilizes power needs to be efficient in doing so. The main reason for this is that excessive utilization of energy leads to overexploitation of resources.

The bottom line:

If any device cannot use power efficiently, then it is not essentially worth investing in.

And the best part:

One of the reasons why LED Street light has become phenomenal is because of its energy-saving efficiency.

Electric Use by Bulb Type

Photo Courtesy: WIKIMEDIA

If you compare these street lights with the traditional street lighting fixture, you’ll notice that the latter uses excessive energy.

Thanks to the continuous research.

It has helped in enhancing and improving the energy efficiency of the latest street lighting technologies.

Some manufacturers tend to produce a street lighting model that can save up to 60% of the power that it uses. Furthermore, this kind of model can last even for more than a decade.

Isn’t that amazing?

Also, there is a surprising bit regarding the LED output in relation to the mill watt that the LED road light product based on.

For instance, one that is based on a 901-milliwatt LED output can always generate a similar amount compared to conventional light.

In some instances, a modern LED street light can as well produce even a higher amount of luminance than that of a traditional model.

The good side – it can only use half of the power consumption for the task.

The best side of this type of lighting is that hardly fails. Instead, it is the power output that reduces with time until it gets to that moment of replacing it.

This probably explains the reason LED Street light is characteristically an energy efficient model to go for.

Again, most of them are designed to generate relatively less watt illumination. Therefore, for purposes of attaining better energy efficiency, you need to get one that points various LEDs in one fixture. This helps it to illuminate different sections.

LED Street lights

LED Street lights

But in general, the LED Street lights are regarded among the best lighting options that consume a low amount of energy.

They are relatively bright and that is the primary element which might form the notion that they consume a lot of power. Nonetheless, that is not the case.

Let’s now look at some of the essential information that you ought to know regarding this type of special lights.

Chapter 2:

Basic Information You Must Know About On LED Street Lights

Basic Information You Must Know About On LED Street Lights

Necessarily, streetlights are designed purposely for illuminating the surroundings. These include the road as well as the adjacent sections so that humans can sufficiently perceive the areas and the surroundings.

Street lights are therefore fundamental devices in making sure that you and other road users stay safe from accidents and other unsocial aspects.

LED Street Light Fixtures

LED Street Light Fixtures

As a matter of interest, several studies have shown that there is always a feeling of safety and reduced accidents in areas with adequate and functional street lights.

For that reason, you also ought to understand that street lights, especially the LED type revolve around different aspects.

Let us go through some of the vital information that you need to know regarding this type of light.

2.1 Main Parts of LED Street Lights (What Materials are they Made of?)

Typically, it is important to know that the LED lamps often have a lifespan that is many times greater than the incandescent light bulb.

Parts of an LED Street Lights

Parts of an LED Street Lights

This alone is an indication that the former is manufactured using comparatively high-quality raw materials to guarantee that particular feature.

Here are some of the key elements used for making these light fixtures;

1. An LED Light Drive

This is a critical component of an LED street light fixture. It regulates power to an LED.

It is what helps in providing and ensuring that there is constant power quantity.

LED driver

LED driver – Photo Credits: ALI EXPRESS

This is also vital owing to the fact that its electrical properties tend to change with temperature.

The LED driver is also essential in maintaining the LED fixture temperature.

Apparently, should the fixture miss an LED driver then it may fail due to becoming excessively hot and unstable.

As you can see, the LED driver is an assembly of many parts and components. You can see a sample circuit below:

A 230 LED Driver Electrical Circuit Diagram

A 230 LED Driver Electrical Circuit Diagram – Photo Credits: ELECTRONICS HUB

Therefore, the choice of everyb material plays a pivotal role in ensuring efficiency and reliability.

2. Lens

This is another vital material that is used in making the LED street lamps. The lens is always curved and made of plastic or heavy duty glass.

Lens of LED lights

Lens of LED lights

The role of the lenses, in this case, is to magnify the effect of the light that is emitted. They are also essential in the aspect of protecting the lighting elements.

The lenses in most cases are susceptible to fogging, scratching and breakage. That is why it is important to ensure that you replace them as soon as you realize.

This is because it is relatively cheaper that way than replacing the entire lighting system.

3. Housing

This is also referred to as the LED street light casing. This is the element that covers the LED lighting materials and put them intact.

The housing is made from different materials depending on the manufacturer. But in general, most of them are always made from highly resistant and durable materials.

This is because, in as much as they hold the primary LED elements in place, they are highly exposed to different environmental aspects.

LED light housing

LED light housing

Some housing are made of plastic and others are made aluminum. The choice is however dependent on individual preference and budget.

4. Poles

Poles are the component of a street light that makes it possible for the street light fixture to illuminate to a particular distance.

The poles are essentially used to elevate the light fixture to the required minimum height. So that it becomes easy for the light to provide better spectrum.



Poles in most cases are made of different metals because they need to be strong and resistant to vibration and weather elements.

The height of the pole used in street lighting system, however, depends on the purpose and the area where the installation is taking place.

Some of the poles may also be decorative to help in enhancing the aesthetic element of the surrounding.

5. Heat Sink

I am sure you’re aware that LED street light fixtures are electrical components. Therefore, they also dissipate heat.

Normally, this heat interferes with the working of the LED.  It is for this reason that you need a heat sink or heat exchanger.

Different designs of heat sinks

Different designs of heat sinks – Photo Credits: INDIA MART

This component is mainly made of a good conductor of heat – a reason why aluminum heat sink is a perfect choice for many LED street light manufacturers.

6. LED Light

It would be unfair to wrap up this section without mentioning what exactly produces this light. You need a light emitting diode (LED).

Basically, LED is a semi-conductor material with mainly compounds from Group III and V elements in the periodic table.

Some of the main compounds that you will commonly find in LED lights include:

Type of CompoundPossible Color Option
Aluminum gallium arsenide (AlGaAs)Red and infrared types of LEDs
Indium gallium nitride (InGaN)Green, blue and UV high brightness LEDs
Gallium phosphide (GaP)Yellow and green LEDs
Aluminum gallium indium phosphide (AlGaInP)Red, yellow, red and high brightness LEDs

So, the choice of a particular compound will depend on the type of color you need. Below is a basic structure of LED:

Different LED lights

Different LED lights – Photo Credits: WIKI MEDIA

Depending on the design of your LED Street light, it may have:

  • Solar system and rechargeable battery
  • Camera
  • Electrical system (every LED light system must have this)
  • Features to eliminate hot spots
  • UV stabilized structure, etc.

In a nutshell:

Always request for the product manual – through this, you will know every specification of the LED light system.

With that in mind, let’s move a step further to understand how LED lights work.

2.2. How LED Street Lights Work

This is also another vital aspect that you need to know about LED Street lights. I know you’ve seen these lights several times and maybe wondered how they illuminate the roads brightly and even for longer duration.

Ideally, LEDs have been in existence for decades. However, it is the devising of the white LEDs that have made it relatively popular among many people.

This is because it is perceived as a suitable replacement for other different types of white light sources.

So How Does It Work?

Incidentally, light can be produced by an atom given that it is a form of energy. It constitutes several tiny particles that lack mass but have momentum and energy.

These particles are known as photons. They form the most fundamental units of light.

LEDs generate the light by electroluminescence in a semiconductor substance.

Essentially, electroluminescence is the occurrence of a material producing light whenever there is an electric current that is passed through it.

How LED Street Lights Work


This, however, happens only when the electrons are relayed to through that particular material and electron holes filled.

An electron home, on the other hand, can only exist in cases where there is lack of electrons thus leading to a positive charge.

It is also possible to dope some of the semiconductor materials such as silicon or germanium to make and regulate a number of electron holes.

Doping in this case necessarily refers to adding a number of particular substances to the semiconductor material to alter its properties.

Formation of Light

What also happens is that photons are produced due to moving electrons. These electrons always move in ring road around the nucleus.

This is basically how a P-N junction works. Here is a good video that explains everything you need to know here:

Whenever the electrons pass through from one particle to the other, they tend to fill the electron holes. They emit photons which are typically the light substances.

The amount of energy for every electron in each orbital is different. For that matter, the electrons that have excessive energy tend to move far away from the nucleus.

illustration of how a p-n junction works

Further illustration of how a p-n junction works – Photo Credits: WIKIMEDIA

There is always a need for boosting the energy level for a particular electron if it has to shift from a lower to a higher orbital.

On the contrary, an electron generates energy whenever if falls from a relatively higher to a lower orbital. This energy gets into play in form of a photon.

When there is massive energy drop, a higher-energy photon is produced, which is typified by a greater frequency.

2.3. LED Street Lights Design Options

It is true that most of the latest LED light designs are re-creations of the tried and true. However, creating some unusual designs that would stand out anytime they are used is a significant approach.

For efficiency in terms of purpose as well as energy consumption, there is a need for LED street lights to put particular design considerations.

Some of these design options considerations include the following;

2.3.1. Thermal Design Option

The truth of the matter is that an inferior LED junction temperature regulation determines the lifespan of LED street lights.

I hope you remember my earlier discussions on this.

An ideal LED lamp for the street lighting should guarantee a lifetime of at least 50,000 hours. Thus, a design that would reach this landmark needs to have LED junction temperature regulated at below 75 degrees Celsius.

It is also necessary to ensure that the heat sink temperature difference is controlled below 2 degrees Celsius.

LED module with a heat sink

LED module with a heat sink

Heat sink height, thickness and fin pitch all affect the efficiency of the LED street light products. For that reason, they all among others should be looked into when designing these items.

2.3.2. LED Street light Optical Pattern Option

It is more than essential for a streetlight to meet the roadway illumination standards if they have to be applied on roadways.

Of necessity, the optical pattern needs to meet the glare rating as well as the homogeneity of the roadway.

Different LED lights

Different LED lights

Another significant aspect is letting the light output project on a relatively wide roadway area.

This is what it means if you have a streetlight which can only project on 3 times mounting height area;

At 6 meters tall, the light distribution will only occur over a distance of 18 meters of the roadway.

Understandably, a roadway has a specific length for installing the streetlight. You will, therefore, require more streetlights to meet the set roadway specification. This will also help in preventing the zebra-pattern appearance on the roadway.

To avoid all the worries if installing more street light, a batwing optical light pattern helps in providing the necessary light coverage and distribution.

Additionally, this particular design also meets the required standards.

2.3.3. Mechanism and Industry Design Option

You also need to consider the convenience that comes with moving and installation. An ideal design that figures out this particular aspect should have a socket.

Easy to install design

Easy to install design

This allows the operator to comfortably install the city cable inside the socket.

A luminaire has a bow shape design in front of it which is resistant to dust and water and can also allow the operator to get moved.

2.3.4. LED Light Module and Driver Power Design Option

Each LED has a little-varied drive voltage. This makes any attempt to avoid the non-uniform current appearing on every LED to become a fundamental key design.

You need to be wary of the street light suppliers because everyone asserts that they use the constant current output of their products.

LED light and module

LED light and module

This design option should use a multichannel circuit on both LED light and power module.

Fundamentally, it is essential to consider purchasing an LED streetlight product that combines all these design options.

As we move forward, let’s now look at some of the benefits of installing LED Street lights and whether they are a worthy replacement for ordinary lights.

Chapter 3:

Advantages of LED Street Lights over Ordinary Street Lights

Advantages of LED Street Lights over Ordinary Street Lights

One important aspect you need to know is that the benefits you get from LED street lights supersede conventional lighting considerably.

Some benefits are wide-ranging to all LED lighting applications. Nonetheless, some are merely specific to the LED street lighting.

The advantages of these products can be classified into three categories; technological, economic and social benefits.

Let us quickly run through all these sub-categories and find out how they add value to your life.

3.1. Technological Benefits of LED Street Light

The truth of the matter is that the LED ideally represents the next phase in the advancement of lighting technology.


It is primarily moving lighting from the analog to digital sphere.

This trend is not only available on street lighting products but also cuts across other electrical appliances including television and cameras.

So, let’s explore some of these benefits:

Directionality and Decreased Light Pollution

One of the technical benefits is that it provides directionality and reduces light pollution. It is this directionality that helps the LED Street lights to consume low energy.

The directional light is essential in decreasing light wastage by pointing it in the right direction specifically to where it is needed.

Light illuminates only specific areas

Light illuminates only specific areas

Furthermore, this directionality of light is also necessary for preventing light from dispersing to residences and night sky. The net effect is reduced light pollution in untargeted areas.

Superior light quality

Ordinarily, LED lighting comes with a high CRI. This in conjunction with its white light provides an improved night time visibility.

It allows the roads and streets to be considerably brighter and secure.

Continuous research also shows that some LED road lights attain a significant penetration of light through the fog.

Provides sufficient amount of light for road users

Provides sufficient amount of light for road users

As you can see, LED light ensures users can easily see the happenings on the road.

It, therefore, shows that these items guarantee better vision irrespective of the prevailing weather condition.

High Lumen Efficacy

As we speak, most of the luminaries available in the market from highly regarded manufacturers have efficacy level of 90-100 lm/W.

These values are for illustration purposes

These values are for illustration purposes – Photo Credits: LIVING ON SOLAR POWER

Nevertheless, there is a rapid evolution in the efficacy levels of LEDs. But the bottom line is that it is necessary to consult reliable manufacturer regarding the ideal latest efficacy level.

Longer Lifetime

You and I know the frustrations and inconveniences that come with constant purchasing and replacing of street bulbs.

The good thing with LED road bulbs is that you will stay away from encountering such misfortunes.

In fact, lab tests indicate that a well manufactured LED Street light can last up to more than 50,000 hours. In actual sense, it can even be more than that depending on how it is used.

Ordinarily, road lamps would serve you for less than 15,000 hours, which is way below what the LEDs offer.

Furthermore, the LEDs are considerably resistant to a wide range of mechanical stress and vibration.

This makes them ideal for road lighting especially elevated highways, bridges, and areas that risk vandalism.


You can obtain the aesthetics of outdoor spaces using the LED lamps. They provide the best illumination that gives the surrounding a serene night-time atmosphere.

Enhances beauty of the surrounding

Enhances beauty of the surrounding

In general, the LED street lighting helps in a great way to enhance the appeal of the road, street or even highways and their components like bridges.

3.2. Economic Benefits of LED Street Light

One of the elements that make LED road lights appealing to many people in the recent past is the economic aspect.

Here are some of the direct and indirect economic benefits of using LED Street lights;

Overall Reduced Lifetime Cost

The truth you need to know is that the 50, 000 hours lifetime LEDs provide cuts your cost by over 50%.

The total cost of ownership of a lighting system of a road revolves around maintenance costs, lamp replacements, labor and power bills.

lighting system

Photo Credits: EIA

So in general, you’ll realize that this kind of lighting system reduces the expenditure to a significant low.

Generating Income

When there is quality night-time light in cities and rural areas, several economic activities get a boost.

Ideally, the number of hours for conducting business will be comparatively long. Food vendors, entertainment joints, shops and other small and medium businesses will operate for long hours.

The net effect is that more people will get jobs and income will be generated as a result of the same.

3.3. Social Benefits of LED Street Light

We also have other significant social advantages that you can obtain from the LE street lighting system.

These social benefits also form the primary basis for installing these types of lighting technology within and along the streets and highways.

Enhanced Security and Livable Vicinities

Here is the truth:

Citizenry security is an essential component that can never be overlooked at any cost.

Most of the regions that tend to develop economically and technologically are those that have ratified security measures.

LED street lights

LED street lights

Security helps people to live with a peace of mind owing to the fact that their safety and that of their property is guaranteed.

Well, lit areas using LED lamps are ideal for providing the necessary security for the citizens. This is because these lights illuminate all areas within the surrounding.

The aesthetic appeal that it also provides makes it easy for the city or region to improve its branding hence cultivating civic pride.

Improved Road Safety

LED street lamps provide a superior light quality which enhances the visibility for all the road users.

In the past, high accident incidents often arose from the failure of drivers, riders, cyclists, and pedestrians to see better at night.

LED lights at night

LED lights at night

It is this vision obscurity that the LED Street lights have eliminated so that it becomes possible for you to see any person or object from a distance.

This is essential mostly in poorly lit areas and also in streets that always tend to be overcrowded.


LED street lighting forms one of the best environmental friendly components that you can ever find in the market today.

They do not emit UV rays or infrared radiations, which can be harmful not only to the environment but also your health.

You will notice that most of the conventional street lamps contain dangerous metals such as mercury. However, this is unlike the LEDs which are made using safe components.

What’s the bottom line?

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should consider LED lights for highways, roads or feeder roads.

Chapter 4:

Performance Parameters of LED Street Lights

Performance Parameters of LED Street Lights

As I had mentioned earlier, the LED lighting technology is becoming one of the most preferred in various cities and municipalities.

Many manufacturers have therefore come on board to try to suit the supply needs of the ever-growing demand.

This makes it realistically tricky for you to understand which product from a particular company can serve your needs accordingly.

In this chapter, we want to look at all the fundamental considerations that you can use to measure the efficiency of an ideal LED street light.

They’re quite a number but we have nonetheless sampled the most important aspects, which include the following:

4.1. LED Light Color & Viewing Angle

This is arguably one of the most confusing terms revolving around LEDs. I know probably you’d think that it refers to the angle at which you can view the LED light display.

On the contrary, the viewing angle, in this case, is related to the brightness that the display is able to produce.

Experts define this viewing angle as the full angle when the brightness is half from the dead center. So basically, it refers to the angle at which the brightness of LED is halved.

Determination of the viewing angle calls for compliance with the definition. Luminosity or brightness is measured using spectroradiometer.

LED beam viewing angles

LED beam viewing angles

These devices primarily measure the spectral radiance and irradiance, which provides the spectral data used for determining the luminosity.

You also need to know that brightness is measured perpendicularly to the display area, which represents full brightness.

Expectedly, the LED specifications confirm that 50% of the brightness needs to be measured at a relative angle of 60 degrees. However, this in some instances would not be accurate.

A better understanding of the viewing angle and how it relates to brightness places you in a better position to compare different LED products.

It also allows you to know the difference between reading and viewing angles.

4.2. Light Intensity/Output Luminous

This is also another essential parameter consideration that you have to look into in LED Street light.

Most of the manufacturers use the light intensity in rating the LED products.

What you need to know is that the LED light intensity is dependent on various factors. Some of them include the:

  • Type of chip
  • Efficacy of individual wafer lots
  • Encapsulation among others.

You will also realize that many manufacturers tend to use variable terms like super bright and ultra-bright in describing the LED light intensity.

What you need to know is that such terms are utterly subjective. The reason for this is that there is no specific standard for determining the brightness of LEDs.

The quantification for LED is often in terms of milli-candela (McD).

Light Intensity/Output Luminous

Photo credits: ANDREW PEARSON

In regards to the output luminous, it is characteristically proportional to the quantity of current that is supplied to the LED.

Most of the LEDs that are designed to operate at higher voltages are usually subject to more considerable heat.

4.3. Power Specifications

LED street lamps are current-driven and not necessarily voltage driven devices. It is a fact that light output and drive current are somewhat related.

However, if you exceed the maximum current rating chances are high that it will generate excess heat within the LED chip. This would be as a result of too much power dissipation.

Typically, the LEDs are engineered to function at a specified that consists of a built-in current regulator.

Specifications for the SUNECO Integrated Solar Street Light

Specifications for the SUNECO Integrated Solar Street Light

An additional circuitry may incorporate a protection diode for AC functions. This additional circuitry may also be vital for a bipolar operation.

Essentially, the operating current for a specific voltage is intended to maintain the reliability of LED over its operating life.

The interesting bit about LED street lighting is that they need few watts of electricity from their 12V LED power. This is more than enough to enable them to generate the same amount of light.

4.4. LED Street Light Pole Design

Pole design is vitally the backbone of the efficient street lighting system. In fact, the use of these poles can be extended from mere lighting needs to beautification of the urban streets. But that is a story for another day.

Different manufacturers offer varied types of streetlight poles made from different materials of varying designs.

LED street light pole design

LED street light pole design

There is no an industrial standard height for street light poles. It is an element that depends on a wide range of parameters.

Some of the notable elements that determine the choice of street light pole design include preferred spacing and mounting height. Pole geometry, drag coefficient as well as outreach are also among some of the factors that influence the ideal street light pole choice design.

However, most manufacturers tend to produce some poles for this lighting system with a height ranging between 5-12 meters.

Nowadays, most designers choose to go for street light poles that blend with the overall landscape of the modern urban setup.

The aim, in this case, is to find a homogeneous and reasonably distinguished appearance. The pole design of choice, however, should meet the IS2712: Part II standards as specified.

But the most important of all is to ensure that the specific pole for street lighting is designed using safe materials.

4.5. Battery Specification for Solar Operated LED Street Light

Before considering anything in when looking for a solar operated LED Street light, you must ensure that it conforms to latest specifications.

But ideally, it should be a low maintenance type with flooded electrolyte Tubular positive plate. The vent plugs should also be made of ceramic.

See battery specifications of the LED Street light with a solar

See battery specifications of the LED Street light with a solar

The solar battery’s capacity should also not be anything less than 12V, 75Ah. In addition, the ideal design should for this product have a life expectancy of at least 5 years at 27°C at 50% DOD.

It is also important to ensure that you get the batteries that have microporous vent plugs as well as acid level indicators.

The terminals on the battery should also have suitable covers to protect them from harsh environmental conditions. They should also come with suitable carrying handles.

It would also be essential for the battery for this particular type of lighting to be tested for endurance. This helps in determining whether or not it meets the specific industrial standards.

4.6. A Microprocessor for Solar Operated LED Street Lights

Typically, it would be a little bit difficult to regulate the amount of power that the solar provides to the battery when it is charging.

For that reason, it would be essential to find a solar charge regulator that helps in preventing the battery from overcharging. Similarly, it can also protect the battery from deep discharging.

An ideal solar operated LED street lamp should have a microprocessor that can be programmed accordingly. For instance, you can set it to charge fully from dawn to dusk.

Basic circuit for LED lighting system

Basic circuit for LED lighting system

The microprocessor should also be able to allow for the automatic function of the light. This would make it easy to set the light intensity for peak and non-peak hours.

An ideal microprocessor should also have a temperature sensor that makes it possible for it to prevent the battery from overheating.

Typically, street lights can use more energy unnecessarily. This is particular to regions where there is a low flow of traffic.

The microprocessor is vital since it makes it possible for the lighting system to regulate energy utilization for better efficiency.

An ideal microprocessor would help in ensuring that the LED street lamp system regulates the light intensity requirement.

Take for example:

The intensity of the lights continuously increases with the increase of the number of vehicles that are detected.

Should let’s say more than five vehicles cross the street lights in maybe a minute or so, then the lights turn into full intensity.

4.7. Safety & Environmental Compliance

Whether a particular product meets the ratified safety and environmental standards is an essential aspect of the modern era.

In the European Union, for instance, it is important that any kind of LED Street light product comply with the CE, RoHS safety standards.

It doesn’t necessarily imply that the product must always be produced within the EU countries.

However, the manufacturer must always ensure that the LED light products have a CE mark to express conformity to the standards.

Some essential quality marks on LED lights

Some essential quality marks on LED lights

It is upon the manufacturer to sign the CE declaration of conformity document showing that the product meets all the specified standards.

The CE marking is mandatory for all products that are targeting the European market and should, therefore, be affixed to the item.

Essentially, the CE marking is to help in ensuring that the manufacturers are accountable to any particular eventuality resulting from their products.

Whenever you get an LED street light product with CE mark affixed to it, just know that you are safe to use it.

It is a demonstration that the specific product complies with all the environmental and safety standards. Therefore, you can comfortably use it with assured of no harm.

4.8. Life Span of LED Street Light

It is estimated that LED street lights have a lifespan of approximately 50, 000 hours under normal circumstances.

In this case, it means that the lamp can last for about 13.7 hours if used for averagely 10 hours per day.

But the truth of the matter, however, is that there are some instances that even high-quality LEDs may last for less than a year.

Of course, it depends on how it is used as well as the environmental aspects of the area where it is specifically fixed.

Approximate service lifespan of LED lights

Approximate service lifespan of LED lights

Most of them are designed to function in particular countries or regions, mostly relatively cold areas.

So when it is used in regions that are somewhat hot or enclosed space, it is likely that the heat around them might surpass that which it was designed to handle.

This then results in shortening of the lifespan of these products significantly.

The lamp’s capacitors, being part of the circuit in each LED driver also plays a significant role in determining the lifespan of these products.

So essentially, if the capacitor is made from an inferior material, it will last for only a few years.

Now the good thing is that most manufacturers have it in mind already thus using mostly ceramics for longer life expectancy.

4.9. Housing & Body of LED Street Light

This is equally a critical aspect that you must carefully look into in LED Street light. The ideal housing and body should withstand all types of environment.

This merely implies that they should be made of high quality, highly resistant and durable materials. The most preferred one should be aluminum die casting although there could be some that might be better.

Housing of LED Street lights

Housing of LED Street lights

The design should also meet the industry specifications in all aspects. The housing and design features should also allow the light to illuminate the entire targeted section.

It should also feature elements that prevent the lighting system from leakage especially during winter and rainy seasons.

4.10. Protection Features

The LED street lighting project is a considerable investment. It thus needs to guarantee you better service and performance upon installation.

But you need to know that all these are only achievable if you choose to work towards the same.

Many manufacturers always integrate the necessary technology to provide efficient LED street lamps in all aspects.

Ensure your LED Street light is protected against the following:

Over Voltage

Overvoltage is one of the aspects that need careful consideration of these devices. It is something that can occur from tripped fuses, switching operations, and short circuits.

Overvoltage can be prevented by the LED driver. The protection can also be done at the main distribution box for street lighting.

It is the ideal place where overvoltage occurring on the supply network can be absorbed.

Under Voltage

Under voltage can as well affect the efficiency of the LED light bulbs. The suitable way of protecting it would be by having a regulating device.

This device would then be of importance in making sure that the LED street lamps still remain bright and get enough energy. This would be until normalcy in power supply returns.

Open and Short Circuit Protection

The open and short circuit can also be an issue of concern in street lighting system. The solution ideally is dependent on the topology.

However, you can use the constant current holders as well as boost based LED drivers to protect the open and short circuits from occurring.

All these will protect the LED Street light from harmful heat dissipation.

Heat dissipation on LED lighting systems

Heat dissipation on LED lighting systems

IP 65/IP66 Protection Compliance

In general, the street lighting components should meet the IP 65/IP66 protection ratings. These ratings are used to quantify the effectiveness of water and dust sealing properties.

An ideal LED street lighting fixture should meet both IP 65 and IP 66. These stand for water resistance and water resistance against powerful jets respectively.

There is so much that revolves around the performance parameters of the LED Street lights that we can’t explain all in detail.

But now that we have looked at some of the most important ones, let us jump ship and move on swiftly to the installation process.

Chapter 5:

How To Install the LED Street Light (The Step By Step Guide)

How To Install the LED Street Light

You’d agree with me that the main reason you’re reading this piece is to get vital information regarding LED Street light.

In this section, I want to guide you through a step by step process of installing this type of light. Remember you need to get it right for the lights to function properly and also offer its aesthetic element.

Of course, many people often question whether you do this particular project yourself, or other-wisely put, if it is a DIY project.

The truth of the matter is that is doable. However, for safety and insurance purposes, it would be ideal if a certified expert does it.

But for the sake of knowing all that revolves around the installation of this kind of lights, let us go through these vital procedures one by one.

Nevertheless, before we do so, shall we first look at the vital aspect surrounding this process?

Safety Guidelines

Here are a few procedures you should consider:

Mark the Area

You and I know that most of the LED Street lights are always installed in public spaces. It can be a street, driveway, parking lot among others.

So it basically means that during the installation process, chances are high that you’ll be surrounded by people and bypassers.

Marking the area ready for installation

Marking the area ready for installation

It is thus vital to mark up the area you want to work on using a barrier tape. This will make it possible for you to fully concentrate on the task at hand.

Wear Protective Gear

You also need to be conscious of your safety. So ensure that you wear all the vital safety gear. Gloves are one of them not forgetting a hard hart as well as safety goggles if necessary.

You also need to wear rubber shoes with a relatively flat sole and an apron probably to prevent your clothes from getting dirty.

Safety gear

Safety gear

Don’t wear jewelry or wristwatches that might be hinder you from working on an electricity fitting.

General Preparation

Now at this point, you need to determine whether or not you have all the necessary tools and materials for this project.

It is important that you only start when you’re sure that everything is in place. So that you don’t leave a project halfway knowing too well some cables if exposed can get damaged overnight.

It is also necessary to have someone to assist you because some poles may be too heavy for you to lift alone.

Also, make sure that the area is proportionally flat because will create trouble for you especially in finding homogeneity.

The best part of this is that most of the manufacturers often provide a user manual. So it becomes easy when it gets to assembling the different components.

And by the way, you’ll notice that it is a somewhat easy and quick process especially if you have all the materials ready.

Now let us get to the practical bit of this particular process.

Step 1: Pole Foundation

You must dig the foundation for the pole so that it stands upright and strong. This is irrespective of how you will position the LED streetlight housing.

Tighten the fours screws so that you can secure the steel cage that serves as the anchor. The cage is always secured using a concrete.

Installing solar powered LED street light

Installing solar powered LED street light

You can just fill the hole after you have completed the installation process.

Step 2: Set up the Street Lamp

I recommend that you assemble all the components of the street lighting system while the pole is still on the ground.

So raise it above the ground to about 1 meter. Then support it on a bench or stool or any item that can hold it as you do the fixings.

Setting up the lamp after installing the pole

Setting up the lamp after installing the pole

Apparently, it is reasonably easy to work on many elements including the wiring part of this system when the pole is at this position.

Step 3: Fit the Light Fixture on the Pole

It is at this point that you need to secure the LED street light housing on the pole. This should happen when the pole is still lying down. It would be difficult to do so when the pole is elevated.

Use bolts to secure it on poles. Alternatively, you can also use the particular mechanisms that the manufacturer has provides.

You need to handle the light fixture with utmost care when tightening them on the pole. This is because this LED light lamps are often fragile and can easily break.

A truck fitting LED Street lights

A truck fitting LED Street lights

Careful handling is also vital to prevent any imminent damage. So that you don’t find out later on that there isn’t light produced way after completing the installation process.

While at it, you must also figure out the angle for the light fixture. It is important because it’s what determines the brightness and area to be lit.

When connecting the light fixture, make sure that you follow the circuit diagram to the controller.

Step 4: Check the Connections and Wiring Fittings

After you’ve finished installing the LED light fixture, it is now time to confirm whether or not all the installations are done correctly.

It is also at this point that you also verify whether the wiring is set since you are about to elevate the pole.

And this would make it reasonably difficult for you to make amends once the pole is raised above.

Ensure all wiring is done correctly

Ensure all wiring is done correctly

Also, you need to make sure that the wiring and installation of all the components match the electric circuit diagram.

It is also at this point that you need to position the light fixture at the desired angle. This is where it would be able to light the specific area appropriately with the desired brightness.

Step 5: Elevate the Pole

Once you are done with every fitting, it is now time for raising the pole. You can raise it alone or with assistance from another person depending on the weight of the pole.

If it is relatively heavy, you may think of using a crane to lift it. But eventually, you need to make sure that it stands strong and straight on the bottom plate.

Process of installing LED lights

Process of installing LED lights

Fix the bolts accordingly and tighten them to secure the pole appropriately. However, you need to only do this when you’ve tested and pretty sure that it is working effectively.

Can you imagine it is that simple?

Chapter 6:

LED vs Other Streetlights

LED vs Other Streetlights

For a long time, High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights dominated most of the streets in terms of lighting.

They were introduced in 1970s and continued to offer solution especially when it comes to illuminating the comparatively large areas.


Photo Credits: LUXTG

But technology has been evolving so fast that the advancement in the street lighting sphere has seen the emergence of LEDs.

Now the LEDs have also become phenomenal among many people and hence preferable to the HPS lights.

Of course, there must be considerable reasons for the shifted interested among many people.  It is these reasons that we want to evaluate and determine whether the shift is justified.

A logical comparison of these two types of street lighting systems will help to show the better option that one ideally needs to go for.

6.1. Light Color

Characteristically, the HPS street lights were significantly accepted in many regions. The primary reason is that they could generate a considerable amount of photopic illumination.

It essentially implies that it provides a somewhat good visibility in the installed areas and at the same time reducing power consumption.

But the visibility of the most of the streetlight technologies other than LED is compounded by their inherent color limitations.

You need to realize that HPS light tends to emit narrow-spectrum light, which occurs as yellowish glow.

LED color vs HPS color

Photo Credits: LEDS MAGAZINE

On the other hand, you will notice that the LED street lamps consist of various computer chip-like particles.

These elements happen to emit different light wavelengths based on their particular construction.

LED street lamps produce white light. This is the fundamental aspect that gives them an edge over other technologies.

You may find out that indirect variation when it comes to quality of two different LEDs. However, the color will not necessarily be distinctive from each other.

So regarding brightness or light intensity, the LED Street lights carry the day. The result, after all, is that clear visibility is guaranteed when using this type of road light technology.

6.2. Energy Use

HPS lights ordinarily use more energy. This is because they have to be excessively bright to given that they do not distribute light uniformly.

So to ensure that they give out enough light between the poles, they need to be extra bright. Moreover, these HPSs also tend to waste unnecessary light in the fixture.

So in general, they consume too much energy.

This even becomes worse when you use HPS in a relatively large network. This is because they end up drawing a high amount of energy.

In the current era, the world resources are becoming scarce every day. Of course, most of municipalities and cities would regard this particular approach as an ineffective way of utilizing energy.

LED color vs HPS color

Thus, anything that would efficiently use this kind of resource certainly becomes ideal.

And this is where the LED street lamps also beat the HPS. If you didn’t know, this is the particular feature that has actually made LEDs popular among many people.

LED Street light technology utilizes energy efficiently. In the long run, you will realize that you not only save energy but you will also save money.

So ideally, it wouldn’t make sense to stick to the conventional street light technology where you got a better option.

6.3. Illumination and Brightness

Fundamentally, the brightness of a street lamp is determined by the ability of your eyes to perceive items.

If your eyes find it easy to perceive the surrounding when the light is on then it means the illumination is sufficient.

When you compare HPS and LED Street lamps, you will find out that the former makes it relatively difficult for your eyes.

You will have to struggle to drive, ride, cycle or even when walking in an area that they are lighting compared to the latter.

So it is pretty obvious that the LED Street light gives better brightness compared to the HPS lights.

LED Street lights are bright

LED Street lights are bright

Of course, you should expect LED lights to be bright owing to the high quality and unique material. Most of them feature advanced lighting technology.

Furthermore, it is the reason they use energy efficient since they distribute the light evenly across the targeted area.

6.4. Lifespan

What we have to agree on is that the overall lifespan of any type of light is necessarily dependent on how it is used.

The fact which we can’t also rule out is that LEDs in general last extremely longer than the HPS, all factors considered.

Actually, as we have seen, the LED street lamps can last for up to more than 50, 000 hours. On the other hand, the HPS can last at most for 15,000 hours.

So in this case, LED beats the HPS unquestionably. I mean the lifespan is just incomparable making it the other significant reason why you should go for the LED light lamps.

6.5 Cost and Maintenance

One good thing with the HPS lights is that the initial installation cost is relatively cheap. You will spend less money installing the HPS compared to what you would when installing LED lights.

But on the other hand, maintaining them is somewhat expensive. You have to pay the high power bills regularly, labor among others.

LED Cost and Maintenance


LED street lamps are cheaper to maintain.

This is because you don’t need to replace them often. They also consume low energy thus making their overall cost relatively cheap.

So in general, the LED Street lights are better than other streetlight technologies in almost all aspects.

It is for that reason that you need to swiftly replace the traditional road lights with the LED lamps.

But, here comes another question:

Where can you get the best LED Street lights for your highways, apartment of feeder roads?

Here are a few you can consider.

Chapter 7:

Suneco High Power LED Light Fixtures

Suneco High Power LED Light Fixtures

At Suneco, we have a myriad of LED light fixtures. This is essential because it shows that at the very least you can get the specific one that suits you in various ways.

We don’t just manufacturer LED light fixtures but we also ensure that the products are worth the investment. Again they meet the international ratified standards.

So, what am I saying here?

Essentially, we give you high-quality light fixtures that are appealing, efficient and suitable for your needs.

In this chapter, I want to introduce you to various types of high power LED light fixture options that we offer at Suneco.

Let’s quickly go through some of them briefly;

7.1: Street Light

Suneco is known for producing some of the most reliable street lamps in the market. The design focuses on high energy efficiency, which is apparently what makes them stand out.

We have three major types of street light options that you can pick.

The aim is to provide you with all possible alternatives that would surely meet the customer’s needs.

These alternatives include the following;

7.1.1: LED Street Light

Throughout this article, you’ve been able to understand many aspects about LED Street lights.

The aim of the street lighting is to illuminate the area so that people can have clear visibility especially at night and during foggy conditions.

LED Street Light

LED Street Light

For that matter, Suneco comes in handy to provide you with some of the best-LED street lamp fixtures in the market.

Suneco LED Street light has its components made of high-quality aluminum alloy die casting. This alone erases any doubts regarding durability and resistance to unfavorable conditions.

The surface of this particular light fixture is also treated using anodic oxidation as well as plastic spraying.

The light that comes from the Suneco LED Street light fixture is also within the specified requirement.

This product is free from glare and so you can be sure that it will be bright and clear for as long as it lasts.

Furthermore, it comes in an elegant appearance that is so appealing to the eye and environment especially when they are functioning at night.

7.1.2: Solar Street Light

Suneco also specializes in producing street lamps that use power from the solar system. This is actually one of the most amazing inventions for this current era.

Remember the global resources are becoming scarce by the day. Therefore, any source that provides a better alternative should be exploited appropriately.

Different designs of solar lights

Different designs of solar lights

In this case, Suneco manages to provide an ideal LED solar street light to provide a better alternative to the electric-powered road lamps.

Working Principle of Solar Powered Street Light

The Suneco solar street lamps working principle is relatively simple. They have photo-voltaic panels that feed them with the necessary power.

They are fixed on the lighting mast and come with a Lithium iron rechargeable battery charged by the photovoltaic panels.

It is this power that is then used in lighting the LED lamp during the night hours. It is the photovoltaic solar cells that convert the radiation from the sun into electrical power.

LED lights with solar panels

LED lights with solar panels

The solar material contains a semiconductor substance that helps in the conversion process also known as the photovoltaic effect.

The battery then stores the photo-voltaic cells that were made on the solar panel during the day and utilize in lighting the lamps.

Of course, there is also the charge and discharge regulator for detecting the voltage movement.

The Suneco solar street light has a strong and appealing construction.

Therefore, you will also feel good when you’ve installed it in your courtyard or any other place that requires such illumination.

More importantly, this is a clean source of energy that neither pollutes nor adds more expenses to your energy bills.

The bottom line:

It utterly saves you from paying any power bills at the end of every month. Once you’ve installed it, you forget about any power bills.

Also, with just a fraction of power, it produces bright light, besides being easy to control and configure.

7.1.3:.All In One Solar Street Light

This is also one of the best recent developments that Suneco did regarding solar street lights. Basically, this is an integrated unit is composed of all the different elements incorporated into one.

So, you don’t necessarily need to fix all the components differently. The design allows them to be installed on various lamp posts.

Solar light with an advertising box

Solar light with an advertising box

This unit is also eco-friendly given that it does not emit any form of dangerous radiations. Also, it saves quite a significant amount of energy during operation but it is still efficient.

It is resistance to water hence you can be sure that as much as it is exposed to moisture it can’t damage or affect its functionality.

This unit also features an automatic power control system that allows it to determine various aspects as it functions. For instance, it remains relatively dim when there is low movement within the area.

It is imperative because it allows it to utilize energy efficiency rather than staying bright throughout when there is minimal human activity.

Due to exposure, you may think that dust and corrosion may possibly affect it. However, since it made using an aluminum alloy, it’s capable of resisting such and many other elements.

7.2: LED High Bay Lights

This type of light fixture in some instances is also known as the industrial light. One imperative element that makes it stand out is its ultra-efficiency in energy consumption. They save up to more than 50% compared to conventional LED industrial lights.

LED high bay lights

LED high bay lights

And at the same time, it still produces high light intensity which is superb for the good of the surrounding.

The LED high bay lights by Suneco give you the option for either shallow or deep reflectors depending on your needs.

This is actually dependent on where you specifically want to illuminate the area from. This unit features an aluminum heat sink which helpful in dissolving the entire heat.

In addition, these LED high bay lights have a relatively longer lifespan than the traditional HPS lights.

They are the best options to consider, especially for a warehouse, commercial and industrial lighting.

These lights offer ideal illumination in comparatively large public spaces such as stadia, factories, supermarkets and amphitheaters among others.

The brightness is wonderful and gives the human eye easy time to perceive items within the surrounding.

7.3: LED High Mast Light

This is a type of light fixture that is installed in different large area applications. Ordinarily, you’d see them raised in the long post but still illuminate the area appropriately.

In most cases, the LED high mast light fixtures are often used in freeway interchanges, airports, and expressway among others.

The Suneco LED high mast light fixture features a heat sink that is incorporated directly into it. The essence of this is to help in absorbing and transferring heat resulting in a somewhat prolonged life.

It has a lifespan of over 100,000 hours – this is quite incredible!

Obviously, this reduces the maintenance cost considerably than you can ever imagine.

LED lights system

LED lights system

The best part:

Still, it consumes less energy with all these features.

Suneco also ensures that they manufacture this particular product to conform to the CE and ROHS standards.

This means that they are not only safe for human but also to the environment. For that reason, they can be ideal for port facilities, rail yard and trailer yard among other busy areas at night.

7.4: LED Tunnel Light

As the name suggests, this is a kind of LED light fixture that is often fitted along the tunnels. The increasing traffic has called for the increase in construction of tunnels to ease the jam.

Consequently, the demand for the LED tunnel lights has also risen to meet the needs of the newly constructed road tunnels.

It is believed that this fixture features extended lifespan, good stability, and a comparatively high lighting efficacy.

Suneco also manufacturers high quality LED tunnel light made of sturdy materials that are resistant to dust, corrosion, and water.

Tunnel lights

Tunnel lights

The power efficiency of the models manufactured by this company is over 85%. It implies that our LED tunnel light fixture units use 85% less than the traditional lights.

This is essential given that some tunnels can be too long hence need many light fixtures. So that even if they are many you will be less worried about the overall energy consumption.

The light distribution of our units is also effective given that the design features a horizontal axis and vertical axis of 100° and 90° respectively.

We acknowledge the fact that tunnel lighting is somewhat different and demanding than normal street lighting.

For instance, the tunnel lights tend to be exposed to various factors such as vehicle exhaust fumes, vibration, and noise.

With this in mind, we designed tunnel light units that create a safe environment for all the road users.

7.5: LED Industrial Light

This is the type of LED light fixture that is commonly used in illuminating various industrial spaces.

It could be inside a confined space or better still an open space where various operations are taking place.

The LED industrial light is generally powerful because they need to provide light to match the daytime.

LED Industrial Light

LED Industrial Light

This, however, does not mean that they consume a lot of energy. In fact, they are that bright but consume the minimum amount of energy.

The materials used in manufacturing this particular light fixture from Suneco are of high quality and reliable,

This means that you are guaranteed of having your warehouse, manufacturing plant or supermarket intact and functional for as long as possible.

This is also a result of the fact the design materials tend to be resistant to most of the environmental conditions.

Furthermore, the design of this product also ensures that you get suitable optical light distribution.

This is also significantly important because at the end of it all your aim is to illuminate the specific area for different reasons.

Suneco LED industrial lights are designed with the customer in mind.

7.5: LED Flood Light

This is a type of fixture that provides illumination in a specific place. It is commonly used in various security, landscape and other outdoor applications.

Floods lights fixtures in most cases do not require much effort to fix. All you need to do is find the right positioning that would enable them to illuminate the specific area.

LED Flood Light

LED Flood Light

Suneco also designs some of the best LED flood light fixtures in the market with amazing features and performance.

One feature is that we design the floodlight housing using an aluminum alloy which is ideal for heat dispersion. This definitely helps in enhancing the longevity of the unit.

The other key feature of our floodlight unit is that it comes with an adjustable stand, which makes it easy for different installation.

The Suneco LED floodlight fixture is free from emitting radiations hence making it safe even for plants in your garden.

It is a suitable option to go for if you’re looking to light your lawn, garden, billboards and other areas that require floodlight decoration.

7.7: Explosion Proof LED Lights

This is the types of light fixtures that are designed for safe usage in confined potentially- flammable spaces.

Certain areas where inflammable components such as petrochemicals, acetylene, and hydrogen among others; need these types of light fixtures.

Most of these types of LED lights tend to be portable, unlike the traditional ones that were mounted permanently on surfaces.

Explosion proof LED lights

Explosion proof LED lights

They are made using high-quality materials that prevent them from exploding in the unlikely event that there is fire outbreak.

Suneco also specializes in manufacturing high-quality explosion proof LED lights that meet the industrial specifications.

They are bright and the chemical reactions, in any case, do not affect the effectiveness of the light in illuminating the space.

7.8: LED Landscape Lighting

As the name suggests this type of lighting is ideally used for home beautification purposes. You need to light your lawn, garden, and compound in general.

This is actually a little bit different from the security lights. In essence, the LED landscape light fixture provides the necessary appeal to the landscape appearance of your home.

Landscape LED Lights

Landscape LED Lights

Depending on the particular type of this lighting that you go for, you’ll realize that different of them suit different landscaping aspects.

Another aspect of this light is that you need to position them at an appropriate angle. So that it will be able to provide better illumination to your landscape.

At Suneco, we ensure that we customize the LED landscape lighting fixture to suit your homestead.

This is important because people have different tastes and preferences and it would only be sane to give you what interests you.

Our LED landscape lighting products not only give the home the aesthetic appealing look but also a peace of mind when relaxing outdoors.

7.9: Outdoor LED Spotlights

This particular category refers to the light fixtures that are often fitted within the vicinity of your house.

It could be on the balcony, shade, poolside and many other outdoor zones within the compound.

Essentially, they help in providing light in most cases when you’re relaxing or probably doing a few outdoor activities like swimming.

Outdoor LED Lights

Outdoor LED Lights

Suneco provides a wide range of outdoor LED that you can use in lighting your patios and other raised areas as well as steps.

The brightness of this particular kind of lighting should vary. Ideally, they need not to be extremely bright.

Because some can are often fixed at low heights and hence can probably cause a few visibility problems if too bright.

The Outdoor LED spotlights should be able to provide directionality. So that it becomes suitable to enhance safety and enjoyment within the surrounding.

Remember, these are not the only options we offer at Suneco. You can contact us today for more custom designs too.

Chapter 8:

Applications of LED Street Light

Applications of LED Street Light

In the recent past, cities, municipalities, companies and real estate players and individuals have shifted focus to installing LED street lamps.

Of course, as we had seen earlier, the LED lamps are considerably advantageous compared to the traditional street lamps. So this is not necessarily a question of why.

Regarding the same, you must have come across various areas where these types are used and are effectively functional.

It is not rocket science that on many occasions you find yourself in a well-lit area that makes it easy for you to perceive objects.

So for that reason, it is important that we look at some of the common applications of LED Street lights. So that the next time you are in a well-lit area you can easily relate.

Highway Street Lights

Highways happen to be the major areas where LED street lamps are commonly used. The purpose, in this case, is essential to create a lighted environment that significantly contributes to easy and safe vehicle movement during darkness.

In most of the well-lit highways, levels of accidents and criminal activities are low. And this is attributed to the better lighting that has been created.

Solar LED Street Lights

Solar LED Street Lights

Incidentally, most of the cities all over the world have the regulation for street lighting. It is a requirement that all the major highways should have the LED street lights that meet the specific standards.

The LED street lights are mostly preferred because highways can stretch up to many miles. Lighting such a distance requires resources.

There is the need for minimizing the resources hence the LED street lamps providing the ideal alternative.

This can be attributed to the fact that the LED technology products do not use a lot of energy unnecessarily. Hence even when used in a long stretched highway chances are high that the bill will be low.

Highways street lights make a significant difference to all road users. It does not matter whether you’re a pedestrian, driver, rider, or cyclist.

When using a well-lit highway, you’re safer than otherwise using a dark highway.

Parking Lot Street Lights

The parking lots are the other key areas where the LED street lights are commonly used. Parking lots are critical because it’s where people leave their vehicles while attending to other duties.

The LED street lights are installed in parking lots of course to enhance the security of cars and other properties inside the cars.

You may at some point witnessed people losing their important valuables in their cars. This often happens in parking lots where the thieves merely break into the cars.

So you can imagine the situation where you’re parking your car in some parking lot full of darkness and leaving for other things.

LED Street lights in parking lot

LED Street lights in parking lot

First, you will never have a peace of mind wherever you’re going to or whatever you’d be doing at that particular moment. You will always be worried especially about losing your valuables.

Many facilities that offer parking lots have in most cases installed the LED street lights. Shopping malls and various institutions are examples of these facilities.

City Street Lights

Most city streets all over the world are often busy with different businesses and people walking from time to time. Some cities are actually busy the entire 24 hours every day.

That alone shows why it is necessary for the streets to have sufficient light. A well-lit city street is an attraction to several opportunities.

Solar Street Light

Solar Street Light

The night-life is amazing, businesses are booming and the net effect is high turnover in general. Employment opportunities also increase.

You will realize that a well-lit city street is always active. It is because people feel safe due to the lights.

The movement is also easy since visibility is clear and hence no possible cases of people ramming into one another as they walk.

LED street lights have become common in major city streets across the world. It is the efficiency and functionality that have made them likable and ideal for such streets.

So in general, the LED city street lights are not only used for purposes of safety and comfort alone; but also for the sake of enhancing businesses prospects and subsequent income generation.

Emergency Street Light

This is the other area where the LED Street lights are applied. Fundamentally, you will realize that some streets are installed with lights that only come to function when there is an emergency.

Most of these lights tend to be somewhat conspicuous in the sense that they need to communicate about a serious occurrence.

LED technology is preferred in the manufacturing of these types of lights given that they are bright and also energy efficient.

It is easy to detect them whenever there is an alarm that has been raised regarding a particular emergency.

Furthermore, these lights need to be reliable and functional since they relay important information whenever they’re on.

LED Street Lights at night

LED Street Lights at night

And that is the reason LED is mostly used nowadays because they are made using durable and reliable materials.

Road Tunnel Lighting

Many roads nowadays have got a tunnel. This is in the interest of controlling and reducing traffic jam.

LED Lights in road tunnels

LED Lights in road tunnels

Ordinarily, the tunnels would be relatively dark whether it’s during the day or at night. It is in this case that the lighting becomes essential given that some of these tunnels can stretch to several kilometers.

The street lights in the tunnel help in providing vital illumination which improves the safety of the driver and other road users.

Most the lighting fixture used in tunnels are well-assembled not to cause any kind of destruction to the driver that would lead to accidents.

Chapter 9:

Safety Practices when Dealing with LED Street Light

Safety Practices when Dealing with LED Street Light

The most fundamental thing that you need to do when handling street lights is taking safety measures.

These items use electricity and any slight mistake, confusion or ignorance can lead to rather critical life-threatening injuries.

This is something that can happen either to you or any other person within the surrounding.

So it is vital to ensure that you take the appropriate safety measures to safeguard yourself and other users within the surrounding.

LED Lights

LED Lights

Now, here are some of the essential safety practices that you need to observe when dealing with the LED street lamps;

  • Refrain from covering the lamp with a fabric or a paper. On the same note, you must never put it anywhere close to flammable substances while lit up.

As the bulb lights, it generates heat which also poses a fire hazard. So you can imagine that you’ve covered the lamp with the paper most certainly it will burn.

And if it is close to inflammable objects, it is more likely that it will explode and the explosion can be disastrous.

  • Upon purchasing the street lamp make sure that you do not drop or expose it to impact with comparatively hard surfaces or objects.

Also, desist from handling it using excessive force or even scratching the surface of the lamp. It is essential because the pieces of the broken lamps may cause harm to the users.

  • If it comes to a point of LED bulb replacement, ensure that you confirm the rating as well as the design of the socket base of the new bulb.

At the same time, make sure that the new bulb is appropriately positioned and firmly snap it in the socket. Remember that a bulb that is loosely fitted may overheat or still come out of the socket.

  • When replacing the LED street light bulb make sure that you switch off the lamp and allow it to cool. It is because the hot bulb may lead to burns.
  • Check and confirm that there are no any pieces of light fixtures or any electric codes that touch the bulb.

If you fail to do this and by any chance it occurs, the cord or heated fixtures may lead to a fire.

  • Always wear protective gears whenever you’re handling any bit of electric LED street lamps. It does not matter whether it is repair, new installation or routine maintenance.

These safety gears are always essential because they protect you from any imminent injuries in the unlikely event that they occur.

  • Check the poles or masts and ensure that they are always strong and intact. In some instances, environmental conditions may lead to a weakening of the poles.

This can make them to fall and can harm the road users or possibly cause unprecedented inconveniencies.

  • After replacing the street lamps, make sure that you dispose of the used bulbs accordingly. Remember that whenever the glass is shattered or any broken pieces of glass are handled inappropriately then they can cause harm.
  • It is advisable that by any standards that you avoid looking directly at the LED street lights whenever they are on and you’re using the road.

This can interfere with your vision whenever you’re driving and hence ending up causing unnecessary accidents that might lead even to death.

Also avoid touching the light fixtures with watery hands, gloves or even clothes. It can lead to electrocution hence ending up harming you or persons that work with you.

  • If you’re not sure of carrying out any particular element revolving around the LED Street light then just don’t attempt it.

Instead get assistance from a professional who is experienced and understands the matters to do with fixing of this type of light.

  • Make sure that you’re fixing the same type of LED street lamps that have same light intensity in one stretch.

The importance of this is to attain consistency which is vital because inconsistencies can also interfere with the road users especially drivers.

On the same note, the height should also be same for a particular stretch.

Chapter 10:

Commonly Asked Questions about LED Street Light

Commonly Asked Questions about LED Street Light

In as much as the LED Street lights are not necessarily a new phenomenon, it is currently that its craze has hit the market.

So many clients who are interested in installing these types of lights always find it ideal to inquire a lot before, during and after purchasing.

Landscapaing LED Lights

Landscapaing LED Lights

In this chapter, we want to look at some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answer them accordingly.

The essence is to help in making it clear for most of the customers who are never sure of the specific issues addressed in such queries.

1. Why are cities and municipalities switching to LED?

Because it is an ideal initiative intended to help cities around the world to save money and energy resources.

While at it, the cities also enhance the safety and visibility of their environment for better human living conditions.

2. Are LED Street light fixtures brighter?


They produce a white color that is perceived to be suitable for the eye. The brightness is measurable to the eye and enables colors to appear in a somewhat natural way at night.

3. Is the use of LED street lamps a new phenomenon?


In fact, LED was first used in around 1962 and have since then become the most preferred lighting source in various devices.

However, in street lighting application, it started in around 10 years ago.

4. How long does an LED street lamp last?

The actual lifespan is dependent on a number of factors. However, in general, they can last up to between 50,000 to 100,000 hours.

This is six times longer than most of the HPS, fluorescent, and incandescent amp sources.

5. What hazardous chemicals do LED lamps contain?

Apparently, the street lighting LEDs don’t contain any hazardous chemicals, unlike most conventional lamps sources.

Moreover, they are also RoHS compliant which guarantees you of safety.

6. Are LED street lamp fixtures eco-friendly?


Given that they do not emit mercury or any harmful radiation like carbon, they do not pollute the environment. They also use less natural resources in producing the replacement lamps.

7. Do LEDs produce ultraviolet or infrared light?


The LEDs emit light that is free from UV or infrared radiations. Essentially since they lack these emissions it shows that there is no discoloration of objects under this light.

8. How true are the reports that LED road lights are dangerous to the eye?

Research that has been carried out extensively clearly shows that LEDs do not pose any risk to the retina.

However, it is recommended that you refrain from looking directly to any source of light, whether natural or artificial for a long time.

When replacing conventional street lamps with LEDs will the poles be replaced too?


In some instances where the poles will not befitting or adequate – you have to.

9. Will the bright street lighting LEDs keep me awake at night?

Not at all!

During installations, these lamps are aimed towards the public streets. This helps in minimizing light directionality in residential homes and businesses.

10. Where are the specific places for installing LED Street lighting fixtures?

They can be used in private areas including playgrounds, backyards, parking lots, storage yards as well as general customer places.

In public spaces, they are used in illuminating city’s residential streets and thoroughfares. They can as well be installed in private streets and institutions at an additional monthly charge.

11. How does a street lighting LED differ from the conventional street lamps?

LED lights are relatively direct, provide a natural white color and focused coverage. On the other hand, the HPS and other traditional light sources provide yellow color, are generally widespread with less focus.

12. Are customers obligated to convert the existing traditional lights to LEDs?


There isn’t any client that is mandated to change from using the conventional light sources to the LEDs.

However, it is an appeal that customers are encouraged to assess their lighting needs. This will help them to select better options that suit them at the individual level and the community as a whole.

13. Do LEDs produce glare?

Not really.

They are designed to blend seamlessly with the surrounding. Light distribution softly washes the overall road network.

This, therefore, provides a somewhat better light uniformity hence preventing glare.

14. Do LEDs produce heat?

Yes, they do. Nonetheless, the amount of heat they produce is considerably low compared to what the traditional lamps produce.

15. Are LEDs more expensive?

The truth of the matter is that it is only the initial installation cost that seems expensive compared to conventional ones.

However, the maintenance cost for street lighting LED is somewhat significantly low.

Do the LEDs attract insects?

Not at all!

What happens is that the LED lights normally emit comparatively little light in the UV range.

Additionally, LEDs also tend to produce little heat which is also essential in reducing their attraction to insects.

16. How effective are LED street lights effective in harsh weather conditions?

The performance of these lighting systems is top notch whether it is raining, foggy or snowing. They are made using materials that are resistant to the water and corrosion hence enhancing their functionality.

17. Can I fix the LED street lights by myself?


It is easy to fix them as long as you have all the necessary tools and equipment for performing the task.

Also, remember that you need to have the basic electric knowledge to prevent you from any imminent injuries.

I believe these questions address most of your concerns on LED Street lights.

Do you have any question about LED light systems that I have not included here?

Well, feel free to contact me or leave a quick comment below.

Also, I hope you’ve learnt a lot on LED Street lights – don’t keep this knowledge to yourself.

You can share it with others.

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