LED Street Lighting Buying Guide for Importers
led street lights
Deciding to install LED streetlights is one of the best decisions that you will ever make.

There are numerous reasons that make LED streetlights superior to the incandescent street lights.

LEDs deliver better in all aspects. You will get more from the LEDs but still, end up paying less. Individuals, governments, and organizations are drifting towards LED.

Hundreds of dealers have emerged to sell LED street light lamps. All of them claim to be producing and selling the best LED streetlights.

Although this can be viewed as a benefit to the consumers, it also gives rise to other problems. The list of fraudulent LED products has also grown.

Another problem is in terms of choice. With the many LED retrofits, choosing one over the other is quite a herculean task.

Are you planning to import LED street lighting lamps? Here are the key factors that you should consider:

1.The LED Street Light Power Supply

You need to carefully look at the power source. The power supply will determine how the LED streetlights will be running.

The voltage should be enough to light up all the LED lamps. It will be wasteful to get powerful LED retrofit lamps only to be let down by the available power supply.

Low supply of voltage means that the lamps will barely light. Even if they do, they won’t be bright as they are supposed to be.

Sometimes only a few lamps across the streets will work while the rest remain off.

When it comes to power, you need to check the street light bulb wattage. Does it match with the supply? If not consider going for lamps with a lower wattage.

2.Design and Construction of LED Street Light

Check out the physical features of the LED street lamp. There are several factors that can determine whether it is a good product or not.

One of the factors that can hinder the performance of LED streetlights is poor construction.

Unlike the indoor lighting systems, LEDs are subjected to vagaries of nature. Poor workmanship can put the retrofits at high risk of getting damaged.

Common physical factors that can damage the LED street lamps include:

A broken protection glass that allowed water into the LED chip
Poor quality waterproofing gasket
A rusty body

You need to choose a lamp whose construction won’t be easily affected by the above factors. For instance, it should have a thick and tough glass to offer adequate protection.

The streetlight should also have powder coating. This can provide protection various elements of weather such as wind, dust and heavy rain.

The body should have IP65 waterproof level. This means that is fully protected from all forces of water.

Consider going for the body that is made of aluminum. A chemically-treated aluminum will not rust easily. Other smaller parts should be made of stainless steel which is also immune to rust.

3.LED Street Light Lumens

This is the brightness of the LED lights. How much light can the lamp produce when in proper working condition?

Your choice of the lumen is determined by various factors. One of them is the location of the streetlight.

If you plan to install the streetlight in a very dark area, buy LED lamps that have high lumens. They should be able to give out adequate light that will overpower the darkness.

The distribution of streetlights can also determine the luminosity of the lamps. If several lamps are distributed at one point you may consider getting LED bulbs that have a low lumen. Scattered street lamps call for high lumen bulbs.

4.LED Color of LED Street Light

LED color of led street light
Warm white and amber LED colors Credit (http://www.gazettenet.com/)

LED street lights come in a wide range of colors. Personal goals play a role in determining the colors to install.

Popular colors that you can choose include bright white, warm white and cool white. The color variation is determined by the temperatures that the LED lamp produces.

Extremely bright colors are as a result of high temperatures being released. On the other hand, cool streetlights release dim colors

The color factor plays a critical role in affecting the energy that is consumed. You will pay high energy bills for bright colors as they have high wattage.

5.LED Street Light Pole Height

Do not buy LED street light retrofit lamp before analyzing the pole height. Also, don’t assume that any bulb can match with any pole.

The height of the street light pole will determine the wattage of the bulb that you should buy.

If the height of the pole is not more than 12 feet, buy an LED bulb whose wattage does not exceed 15 watts.

For poles between 12 to 15 foot, buy a bulb whose wattage ranges between 15 and 30 watts.

A pole whose height falls between 15 and 20 foot will match with a retrofit lamp that ranges between 30 and 50 watts.

6.LED Street Light Shape and Direction

LED street lamps are unidirectional. They illuminate in one direction.

Once you install an LED street light retrofit lamp, it will be very difficult to change its direction of light again. This means that you need to decide at the point of buying.

Take your time to check the lamp’s shape and design. These two factors will determine the direction of the light.

Sometimes the design can also influence the size of the beam.

7.LED Street Light Rated Life

This is the measure of how long an LED street lighting retrofit lamp is expected to operate before it hits 70% of its initial brightness.

The issue may not be a cause of alarm as compared to conventional street lights. However, you still need to give it some attention.

Check the rate to ensure that it will last for 50,000 hours before its brightness goes down.


Installing LED street lights requires a considerable amount of capital. This means that you need to be extra careful with every step that you take not to mess up.

Follow the tips in this buying guide and you will be able to import the right LED street lights that will satisfy your needs.


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