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Complete Solar Street light Buying Guide

LED Solar Street Light
LED solar street light. Image Source: Suneco LED Lighting

The world is now shifting towards the use of renewable energy.

The need to conserve the environment and the high cost of other sources of energy are just some of the reasons behind this push.

Solar energy is one of the most popular sources of renewable energy. It has a wide range of application both in the commercial and business premises.

One application area of solar energy is in street lighting.

This energy is used to power a wide range of streetlights. Private residential areas and public institutions are depending on solar energy to illuminate their streets.

Common Application Areas Of Solar Street Lighting

Some of the areas where you are likely to find solar street lights include but not limited to;

• Public street lighting
• Park lighting
• Roadway lighting
• Dock lighting
• Fence lighting
• Sidewalk lighting
• Farm and ranch lighting
• Perimeter security lighting
• solar street lights residential

Advantages Of Solar Street Lighting

The fact that solar street lighting has become a go-to choice for many people is not by a coincidence.

There are several reasons why individuals and organizations are falling for this street lighting technology.

Here are the main advantages of solar street lighting:

1. Stable Supply of Power: LED solar street lighting fixtures are very stable.

They are immune to unpredictable incidences such as power outage and blackouts.

You can use them continuously without expecting any form of interruption.

2. Zero maintenance costs: Solar street lights require minimum maintenance cost.

Once you install them in your compound, you won’t have to worry about the regular maintenance services.

You won’t need to replace the lights every now and then.

3. Minimum disruption: A solar street lighting fixture exist as an independent unit.

They don’t require installing voltage lines or digging trenches that will accommodate cables.

4. Back up- As opposed to the popular notion, solar street lights aren’t affected by bad weather.

A single solar streetlight has a battery backup that can store enough power to be used during cloudy and rainy days.

5. Distributed light: LED solar streetlights exist in a distributed network. They are not connected to each other.

The main advantage of this is that a problem in one fixture won’t affect other street lights.

6. Green energy: Solar power is a green source of energy.

It is 100% natural and does not cause any kind of environmental pollution.

By choosing to install solar street lights, you will be making a contribution towards conserving the environment.

7. Cost reduction: Solar street lights are pocket-friendly.

They attract minimum operational costs.

First, they do away with the electricity bills. With the installation of solar streetlights, you will be spared from paying high energy bills.

Apart from the bills, traditional street lights also attract high maintenance expenses.

8. Renewable energy: Solar is a renewable form of energy.

Its supply is unlimited and it will never be exhausted.

Solar energy is unlike oil and coil whose supply can easily dwindle.

9. Self-controlled: Solar street lights can operate with minimum supervision.

The fixtures can automatically turn themselves on and off thanks to their daylight sensing technology.

They also come with the hour preset feature which gives you control to set the running hour of the street light.

Guidelines For Buying LED Solar Street Lights

Now that you are aware of the benefits of solar street lighting, it is time to make a big move.

You need to purchase and install the streetlights.

Buy Solar street light is quite expensive. They require a huge capital investment.

Don’t be in a rush to purchase and install them. Instead, take your time to analyze various key issues.

Here are the main factors that you should consider when installing LED solar street lights:

1.Design and Technology

Solar streetlights come in a wide range of designs and technologies.

You need to get one whose design will match with your needs.

An appropriate design will deliver the best results as you need.

It will also save you from paying extra money on something that you won’t need.

The size of the fixture also falls under this factor. You need to choose the right size of the LED solar street light.

If you aren’t sure, it is always advisable to seek help from experts. They will inspect the location and give you appropriate advice.

Some of the issue that can determine the design, size and technology that you should choose include:

• Solar duration
• Humidity
• Dust level
• Weather condition
• Latitude
• Temperature ranges and
• Wind speed

A proficient technician will look at these factors before recommending the best LED solar street lights.

2.Battery Position

Illustrating battery position on pole.

LED Solar streetlights have different battery positions.

They are:

• Underground
• On the ground
• On the roof of the pole
• Hanging on the pole
• On the top of the pole

There are several factors that you may consider before deciding on the positioning of the battery.

They include the security of the area, size of the battery, convenience, material used and the terrain of the area.

3.Control Techniques

Carefully consider the methods of controlling the solar streetlights.

Do they use smart lighting features or are they manually controlled and monitored?

With intelligent street lighting system, you will be able to control all the solar street lights from remote locations.

The system gives you the power to turn the lights on and off over a set period of time. You can also control the dimming of the lights.

Smart control street lights give you the ultimate convenience.

You can control everything regarding the solar street lights right from the comfort of your house.

The intelligent system also helps to manage the energy consumption of the streetlights.

You can reduce the brightness or even shut down the streetlights when they are not in use.

4. Type of Streetlight Poles

LED Solar Street Lights Pols
Streetlight pole. Image Courtesy: the lighting resource

Obviously, you will fix the LED solar street lights on the poles.

There are various features of a solar streetlight pole that you need to consider before installing one.

The main factors include:

– Mounting height
– Type of luminaire selected
– Wind speed
– Terrain
– -Material of the pole
– Pole style and finishing
– Pole shape

Choose the right pole that guarantees to serve you well.


There is no doubt that LED solar street lighting is the way to go.

If you are yearning to light up your streets and driveway, consider installing street lighting fixtures.

This guide will help you to do everything right and protect you from regrets.

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